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The Parent Portal is a web-based program which provides parents with information about their students through our secure server. Instructions for creating an account are attached (English, Spanish) .

In order to create an account you must obtain Information from your student's school.

21st Century Learning in Healdsburg

  • What are students learning today?
  • In what new ways are they learning?
  • How do we ensure that they are learning?

As the world outside of the classroom changes, schools across the nation are adapting to better prepare students for college and career. Our staff is literally re-thinking both teaching and learning in response to our students’ need for the thinking and problem-solving skills critical to successfully navigating the complexities of the twenty-first century world.

These days, students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade are working on projects which address real world problems (For example: How plants and animals adapt to new environments? How is the structure of the local economy intertwined with what happens at national and global levels?). Students are using technology to research, write, graph, and analyze information across all subject areas.

This Spring, the new statewide test (SBAC) comes on-line. Students in Grades 3-8 and Grade 11 will take the test using our schools’ iPads, Chromebooks and laptops. The results from this first ‘official administration’ of the test will create a baseline for us…to demonstrate what students know and how we can continue to improve our program to better prepare them.

Between now and then, students are taking periodic assessments to ensure that they are learning the material (both paper and pencil and on-line). The District is working on adopting K-12 Technology Standards to ensure that, in addition to the thinking and problem-solving skills, in addition to reading, writing and math, in addition to science and history, art, music and physical fitness, students are fully prepared to succeed as they take the reins in the twenty-first century.

Our Partnership with the Healdsburg Education Foundation

The HUSD and the Healdsburg Education Foundation (HEF) have a proven track record in developing and co-funding initiatives based on the shared value that “Every child deserves an excellent public education.” Many of the District’s greatest successes can be traced back to the vision and support provided by its partnership with HEF.

One of the most successful programs is the K-5 Enrichment Program which provides our elementary students with the opportunity to explore and experience a rich menu of offerings while our teachers have time to collaborate on planning and delivering the best instructional program possible. Another shining example is the Internship Program at Healdsburg High School which places every Junior into the workplace for a real-world experience strengthening the connection between school and career.

This year, HEF has a goal to raise more than $650,000 on behalf of district programs ranging from work-based learning connecting school to careers to keeping our secondary school libraries open after school and evenings to supporting the expansion of technology, arts and music and college preparation for all students. The District is grateful for this tremendous community support! We invite you to visit the HEF website to learn more about this valuable organization.

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Today: 10/30/14

HUSD Celebrates Retirees

HUSD Celebrates Retirees

AVID Cardboard Challenge

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Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

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