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Equity Task Force
Posted 9/19/18

Dear HUSD Parents,

Last year the Healdsburg Unified School District began an effort to look deeply at issues of Equity in our schools. Many of you participated in this effort by participating in our Equity Task Force or attending/facilitating community-wide town hall meetings. At the end of the year, the Task Force submitted an Action Plan of recommendations to our Board of Trustees. Two committees were included in that plan. Today, we are launching the effort to begin these two committees: 1. Elementary School Design Team, 2. Community Development Team. I am writing to invite you to consider participating in these committees.

The Elementary School Design Team will work to bring a specific set of recommendations to me and the School Board regarding the combining of the Healdsburg Charter School and Healdsburg Elementary School. Our goal is to bring these recommendations to the Board for consideration during the winter of 2020 to enable us to begin changes for the 2020-21 school year. Erika McGuire, Principal at Fitch Mountain Campus will be the chair for this team. If you are interested in participating on it, please contact her directly at

The Community Development Team will focus on two tasks. First, they will work to identify and help implement activities in and across our schools designed to bring our diverse community together. While we have social and cultural divides in Healdsburg, we believe that we can work through our schools to create ways for students, parents and the community to meaningfully come together. Secondly, they will also work to identify, recommend and implement a plan to message the amazing educational value that students derive from diverse learning environments to our parents and community. This work will be ongoing and may span into future years. Erin Ryan, Dean of Students at Healdsburg Junior High will be chairing this team. If you are interested in participating, please contact her directly at

Both of these teams will have equal numbers of staff and parents of HUSD students and be capped at 16. It is my sincere hope that you will consider participating. If you cannot or if the committees become too large, please know that there will be opportunities for you to participate in both processes through town hall meetings and potential surveys this year.

We have a wonderfully strong community in Healdsburg and know that together, we can make the future even brighter for all of our students. Thank you for your continued partnership.

Chris Vanden Heuvel 
Superintendent Healdsburg Unified School District 


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